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John Hampton Resignation Request


Statement of Victor Whitehead, Delaware County Republican Party Chairman:

On Wednesday afternoon, it was brought to my attention that John Hampton may not be eligible to serve on the Muncie City Council.  After doing some research, it has been discovered that Mr. Hampton pleaded guilty to two felony convictions for Dealing in Marijuana and Possession of a Controlled Substance.  Although these convictions were later reduced to misdemeanors, Indiana law is clear that anyone convicted of a felony is not eligible to assume an elected office (IC 3-8-1-5).

This morning, I sent Mr. Hampton a certified letter and emailed him a copy of the letter demanding that he resign from the Muncie City Council immediately.  Furthermore, Mr. Hampton must return the money that he has been paid for serving on the council.  If Mr. Hampton fails to resign by Tuesday’s council meeting, I will ask the council to exercise its powers under City Code 32.06 and expel Mr. Hampton from the council.

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