Victor Whitehead

Delaware County Clerk Candidate

When I made the decision to seek the Delaware County Clerk’s office, I fully realized what a tremendous responsibility it would be. The Clerk’s office is one of the busiest and most important offices in county government.

So, what does the Clerk do? The Clerk is the chief election officer for the county, and is the record keeper for the circuit courts. Also, the Clerk manages child support collections and withholdings, civil and criminal case filings, and court files. For a full description of the Clerk’s duties, click here.

If you have been following the news lately about the budget crisis that Delaware County is facing, then you know that it is important that we elect someone who knows how to deal with a budget. I have practical business experience, a proven results-driven record, and will put government back to work for the people. I will bring a modern approach to the budget and a modern approach to serving Delaware County.

How will I do this? One area is to introduce new technology into the Clerk’s Office. For example, when you vote on Election Day, you have to sign the paper poll book to show that you voted. There are 78 precincts in Delaware County and each precinct has to have a poll book printed for each year. By going to an e-poll book, it is estimated that the county could save $25,000 a year in printing costs.

This is just one area where new technology can save money and improve efficiency in the Clerk’s Office.

My wife, Jessica, and I, along with our two children: Laurel (age 6) and Hayden (age 3), have made Delaware County our home and are dedicated to the betterment and promotion of Muncie and Delaware County.

If elected, I promise to make the tough decisions, and pledge that integrity, accuracy, and service will be guaranteed! I ask for your vote on November 4th!

family pic on bench

(765) 273-8456